Question Is Kaspersky antivirus any good?

My best guess would be that you will get mild approval or mild disapproval.

The disapproval would not be purely because of how well it protects.

Most here would tell you to use something else..........most likely the free Windows built in anti-virus. Quite a few here run a separate anti-malware application in addition.


Apr 24, 2011
Depends on how paranoid you are using a Russian product. Russia tends to want to be intrusive on thier bussinesses and reports came out years ago that Kaspersky was in cahoots with the Russian Federal Security Service to scan peoples computers, which Kaspersky denies. I think Kaspersky is safe and many people love them but food for thought. If not at all worried (which I wouldnt be) it may be useful. But, like Ladong mentioned, do you have an issue using the Windows built in anti-virus? It has come a long way and is fairly good, especially if you are smart with what websites you visit and files you download.

I've used the Windows defender and Malwarebytes for years with no issues.
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How do you think Kaspersky antivirus protects the system well?
Why do you ask?
For protection from known viruses, the free windows defender is as good or better.
From "in the wild" or unknown viruses, kaspersky does try to keep analyzing your system to detect such.
Most viruses come in via "social engineering"
You need to be smart about what you access.
A few years back a stupid NSA contractor brought home all the hack code a 3 letter USA agency was working on. He also had Kaspersky, a Russian company. Guess who's hands that hack code ended up in?

To be honest I'm surprised if they can actually receive payment due to sanctions. This raises some interesting questions. Is it being held by a shell company outside Russia?

Now the USA, Europe, and a number of other countries, are in a new cold war with Russia. You tell me if you think it's safe? Use some common sense.

Use Bitdefender. Without question, it is the best.