Is LGA 2011 really worth it? (Intel)


Nov 30, 2012
i just wanted to know if LGA 2011 is the future socket? will all new possessors (or most of them) be for the 2011 socket? Like the i9 series that will come eventually... I heard that it will be released in May or June...

I need to know because this depends on which motherboard i will buy... if LGA 2011 is the future then i will buy it, if not then i wont... easy.


Dec 31, 2011
well it depends on how fatass your wallet is (or bank account), for me it was worth it, currently using the one on my sig for gaming and I use a different one for cad and other stuff also one of the reasons why money goes away fast XD.

most of these depends on each persons opinion, specially if you have the grass to spill.
I would never assume a socket will continue to the next generation chip. It seems the LGA1055 was used for both the Sandy Bridge and also supports Ivy Bridge. The speculation is that Ivy Bridge-E will be supports on the LGA2011 which was originally for Sandy Bridge-E. I would not assume any further compatibility with the LGA2011 socket. Next up is Haswell, which will use a LGA1150 socket. I would highly anticipate there will be a new socket for the Workstation and Server chips.

Also, there has been so much innovation in terms of what the new chipsets support. If you buy an Ivy Bridge you would not by a Z68 chipset, besides it doesn't out of the box support it without a BIOS update, you would get a Z77 chipset for all it's features. AMD has done a much better job with keeping sockets the same than intel.
right now there been stories that intel in 2015 going to switch to a solider on cpus on there mb.

if intel is going that route then your going to see two main lines of cpu. the standard soilder on desktop cpu and the server chip.
you may see high end gamers and mb vendors using server cpu and chipsets in there rigs. for your mb you have to look at what going into the pc now and latter. myself i would use a haswell i7 and a high end single card when they come out in a few months. with the cash saving i would then only swap out the gpu when the newer high end dropped. a new system like that should last your 3-4 years before there a game that tax the cpu. right now look at sandy/ivry/haswell. the ib chips are only a little faster then a sb. if intel numbers are right haswell only going to be 10-15 percent faster then an ib cpu. is the cost of the new haswells worth the extra few $$ to build a system with a haswell cpu or do i save some cash and get an i7 ib cpu and by a better power supply and gpu. that the issue amd having right now with there cpu. there not as fast as intel cpu but they fit in a market nich for cheap cpu. the problem that amd and intel are looking at is in 5 years cell phones and tables cpu are going to be as powerfull and there desktop cpu but a lot cheaper to make.