Is max pro CACHE is best for Gaming


Feb 12, 2010
i have read out about cache of processors that , to much cache size is also not best for performance
as i find through examples the cache is memory of processor it tookd data on his memory
when u will run any application then that processor will look that in cache if find then it will farrword it
but here is prob with cache to much cache if pro will have then it will search first in cache memory if it not find ur required data in cache then it will go to ahead ,,, so it will spoil ur time to search every thing first in ur cache,
well i just want to know that, is it best that u shuld have maX cache for Gaming cpu like 4mb,
n how about FSB,. of board is it also better that processor have also max fsb like 1333.
cache is not something that you should be looking at when you are trying to pick a processor, the specs on a processor are fairly meaningless because the vast majority of performance differences are about the architecture. The effect of cache really depends on how it way laid out.

You should really just look at benchmarks for the processors you are considering in applications that you intend to use a bunch. It is incredibly hard to predict the relative performance of processors based on their specs alone. The Athlon II series performs very very close to the Phenom II series at the same speed even though it has no L3 cache.
I completely agree with hunter. And although I am having trouble understanding you, I believe you are trying to describe the manner in which AMD implements it's cache. As shown in benchmarks though, the Phenom II is faster than the Athlon II (the amount depends on the application though).
When comparing processors on the same architecture though (Athlon II and Phenom II are based on the same), you will notice an up to 20% performance increase with the cache at the same clock speed. This is arguable though, the performance could very well be only a 10% difference.
A major note about gaming though it that games (with the exception of FSX and GTA4) are much more GPU bound than CPU bound. There will be a point where a better CPU will not increase your framerate and you will be limited by your GPU making it pointless to have a more powerful CPU. It's usually a point of diminishing returns.