Question Is micro SD card toast?


Nov 9, 2016
I've been trying to reformat a micro SD card I used in my old phone with no luck and wondering if I need to just trash it and get a new one at this point. I'm still able to copy old pictures and songs off of it, but I am continuously getting an error message that it is write protected. I've tried using Diskpart, editing the registry, scanning for viruses, ran chkdsk and used multiple devices to try to format (PC, phone it was used in,. nintendo switch that I would like to use it for now) to no avail. In my phone after formatting it told me there was 46 GB used, but showed 0GB for all data categories (Docs, Images, etc) and still gave me the error that it was write protected when I put it in my PC and switch. Are there any other things to try or time to move on?