Question Is my 3070 Ti dead?

Apr 5, 2022
Starting randomly last night whilst gaming my PC has started crashing.. every time. I've tested with 2 games and run an MSI after burner OC scan and it happens each time. It runs fine when just browsing the web. Both the GPU and PSU are only 6 months old. The only time I don't get the issue is when I switch a rx580 into the PC. I havnt tried switching the psu

The monitor goes black and says 'no signal's but my PC continues to run, fans are normal and RGB works. I also lose sound from my Bluetooth speakers. When I turn it off MOBO lights stay on which has only ever happened previously when the PC has crashed (very rare). One time I noticed error code 45 which is a ram issue so that was the first thing I tested.

I tested with MSI after burner and GPU, CPU temps are normal.

What I have tried:
Reset CMOS, nvidea driver clean install and update, update bios, tested each ram stick on its own and in different slots, windows diagnostic scan, SSD scans, turned off windows auto restart, turned off gigabyte app centre open on start up, reseated all components, checked connections, re applied thermal paste, changed power plug, switched DP to HDMI.

Gigabyte oc 3070ti,
EVGA 850w 80 plus bronze,
360l great wall AIO cooler,
32gb ddr4 3200mhz ram (Corsair and t force),
gigabyte z390 ultra mobo,
m.2 nvme ssd x3

So... Is my GPU dead? Or is it something else?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

EVGA is the brand of the PSU, while 850W is the advertised wattage of the unit. 80plus bronze is it's 80+ efficiency rating. You forgot to mention the model of the PSU and it's subsequent age. What did the PSU power prior to the RTX3070Ti?

What OS are you working with? If Windows 10, please mention the version(not edition) of the OS. For the sake of relevance, please mention the BIOS version you're on for your motherboard.

32gb ddr4 3200mhz ram (Corsair and t force)
Why are you mixing two brands of ram kits?


I would not rule out possibility of PSU problem - 3070ti needs way more power then rx580. However, problem with PSU would rather manifest in sudden power off rather then black screen issue you encounter. To be sure you would need to test your 3070ti in another PC but for now it does look like faulty GPU.