Question Is my 450w psu enough for a gtx950?

Feb 6, 2019
Here's what my psu is saying.

+3.3 +5v +12v -5V -12V +5vSB
20A 27A 20A 0.5A 0.8A 2A
HIPOT,OVT... something like that.
Now my current system is

Basic generic g41m motherboard
Core 2 duo e4600 @ 2.40ghz (underclocked to 2.39 )
2x 2gb ddr3 1333mhz
Inno3d gt710 passive 2gb ddr3
Intel stock cooler
Old WesternDigital 160GB 7200RPM IDE hard drive
Old Samsung IDE 32x cd dvd drive

----- so the system is stable.
Bacl in the day when i had a 350w psu N adding the gt710 blew up the psu so I had to get whatever was available and i got thos.

The problem is its useless and I dont want to throw it away. I want to play new titles at 720p60fps low settings. For that there is a GTX950 zotac 2gb gpus being sold a lot in my country.

I would like the upgrade the 65W e4600 to a core 2 quad q9550 as well as
The gpu to gtx950.

The problem is , the psu wont allow a 6pin gpu as it doesnt have one.

Im goig to sell the old dvd drive and the ide drive and add a old 160gb sata hdd .
That way i will have 2 molex connectors.

Will the psu run the gtx950 using 2 molex to pcie with a core 2 quad?

Or should I expect explosions?
Can it hold up for atleast a year ? Cause i dont care if it blows up and starts a fire after that as I will leave for colleage anyway.

Also i only have $ 100 to spend.
Someone help me.
Im from third world country with problems in market and bad used market.
So i dont want anyone of you recommending a 750ti or 1030 cause thet sell for $ 200
The most important rail on a psu is the 12v. Your 12v is 20Amp so only 240w (12x20) which is way less than a good quality 300w. Your psu may have a 450w sticker on it but you should treat it like a poor quality 250w. I am saying this to help you, if the psu fails it can damage any components it is connected too.
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