Question Is my AIO working or not


Oct 31, 2018
So i have changed my AIO from a master liquid rgb 240r rgb to a deepcool 360 ex white rgb but im experiencing higher temps, it used to be around 30 at idle on the 240 but now im at 34 and then on load it used to be 45 max now its 56 these temps dont worry me at all though. my main question is, is my AIO actually working? I looked at the other variant of the 360ex, the black and red one and theres a red liquid in the glass tube on the block but there is no liquid on mine and when it arrived there was like liquid oily condensation in the bag so im wondering if its working or if its just being passively cooled.....


Dec 26, 2018
Your aio is fine, i'm guessing your fans are either bit bad (which it porobably isn't) or running slower.

Edit: try to speed it up a bit by changing the rpm if you can control them.
Either one should be quite good with that CPU. If mounted properly, most heat problems stem from low pump speeds. Not sure about that second one but CM AiO coolers need pump to run full speed all the time.
Here's my 2700x cooled by CM Nepton 140xl, going no more than 70c at full load and 4.3GHz OC. Idle temps are no more than 10c higher than room temperature.