Is my ATI 4770 on bottleneck?


Feb 15, 2009
Well I'm experiencing issues on FPS with my PC on Aion and I'm not sure if my card is being bottleneck by the CPU, specs are

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz
Windows XP
1280x720 resolution
ATI 4770 with Catalyst 9.9 overclocked
500W PSU

I change the 800x600 to 1280x720 and has no difference on FPS and on some areas it's steady 70-120FPS and no difference either if it's on 800x600 or 1280x720 either on low settings or high, same ammount of FPS.

Though my brother plays the same game on a PC with the following specs:

1660x1050 resolution
AMD Phenom IIx4 2.8 Ghz
Windows XP
ATI 4850 Catalyst 9.9 overclocked
850W PSU

And I also did the test and his FPS was 30-40 on max on everything and also 30-40 on low and 800x600 with no significant increase what so ever.

My old card Geforce 8500 GT did way better that my ATI 4770, I thought it could be a dud so I RMA it and this is a new one and same experience, I'm still under my return period so I would like to see if it's the game/drivers or if my PC is on bottleneck.

Thanks in advance :)


Feb 15, 2009
Well so I tried a different game, I downloaded Batman: Arkahm Asylum demo and I'm playing with the following settings:

Full Screen
1280x720 res
V sync: on
Detail Level: High
Bloom: Yes
Dynamic Shadows: On
Motion Blur: Yes
Distortion: Yes
Fog Volumes: Yes
Spherical Harmonic Lighting: Yes
Ambient Oclusion: No
Physx: Off (not supported with ATI cards)

And it played silky smooth, looked better and smoother than my PS3 and 360

I tried Very High after and only got 2 hicups the whole demo.

So I got mixed thoughts, but I still think I should upgrade the processor and RAM anyways in time I just don't have that money right now :(

Should I be able to upgrade to this processor?

I have a Intel D946GZIS Motherboard at the moment.


Mar 3, 2009

E8600 is the best, but it's overpriced.

E8400 is ranked 3rd in E8xxx. However, it has the best cost-performance ratio.

"Freezer 7 pro rev. 2" is the best bang for the buck for Core 2 line CPUs.