Build Advice Is my build ok?

Aug 14, 2020
CPU - AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
MOBO - Asrock B450M PRO4
GPU - MSI RX580 Gaming X 8gb
RAM - Adata XPG Spectrix D50 3200Mhz 8gbx2 (16gb)
SSD - Kingston A2000 250gb M.2 NVME
PSU - Corsair CXM 550W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular
CASE - Tecware M Forge ARGB

Cpu - 3200g was my original decision but then i heard of 3100 but was out of stock at my local store. But meh, 3200g is good enough.
I'm gonna upgrade to ryzen 5 in the future.
Mobo - Gigabyte B450M DS3H was my 1st choice but i wanted something better with a good budget so i went with Asrock B450M Pro 4.
Gpu - I was gonna ignore the gpu for the time being and go with integrated graphics but for the good of all gaming, I MUST. First choice was RX570,
but RX580 8gb would last me for years so i went with that.
Ram - I swore to myself 'NO RGB' as it would safe me money, but i just couldn't resist. Rgb is so Pwetty~ 😍
Ssd - 250gb is good enough, for the time being. I'm gonna add 1tb in the future. As for kingston....... well it was there, and it was cheap....... 😐
Psu - Now this was a headache, i thought any psu would do but boy was i wrong. I can't remember the list of brands that i went for and i thought 400W was good,
500W was good, 650W was good yada yada. Thank god for psu tier list, it save my life.
Case - Another troublesome foe, 1st choice was a pretty case. All shiny and sparkly..... but WAIT!. It won't mean anything if the case doesn't have a good airflow
(SUSPENSE MUSIC). So i went with Tecware M Forge cause meh whatever i'm tired of thinking.

P.S - I'm new to PC Build

Vic 40

No Ryzen 2600 available? Biggest problem for me here is choosing a quadcore.
Would rather have the non modular Corsair CX550. It build on a newer better platform.

You can post a budget and see what people can come up with via the pcpartpicker. Country can be chosen in the righthand top corner.