Question Is my computer's performance degrading

Apr 9, 2020
First of all I'm not a hardcore gamer neither a fan of high end gaming, just a casual gamer. I just want to know if there's a way to find out what was the performance of my pc on the first days of purchase and what is it's condition right now,cause i believe my computer's performance and efficiency has degraded. I play medium graphics games like jc2 ,mafia 2 and all. But some years before games weren't lagging the way they are doing now. So i just want to know that if there's a way or an app to find out the performance difference that would be really helpful
my pc specs:
Intel celeron g550(cpu)
Intel hd 2000 (gpu)
2gb ram
I know its potato but I'll have to deal with it
And also in 2017 or something i tried messing up with the bios of my pc . I tried to max out graphics frequency and voltage offset to 255 and 1000mv respectively but the cpu and gpu temp Were not too high they were under 55c
I wonder if that change reduced the performance
Ps : i didn't kept those settings for long
Please help me
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