Is my config ok for a 144hz monitor + some doubts about 144hz gaming


Nov 14, 2018
Hello everyone,
first time i post here.

After many years spent with a TV monitor, then switched to a 12ms TN monitor which i'm still playing with, i'm interested in upgrading a little bit my gaming experience.
My config is this:
- i7-4770
- GTX 1060 6GB
- 8GB Vram (can upgrade to 12GB)

I know it's a pretty old setup with this 4770, that can't even be overclocked, but i was wondering if i could play competitive games at 144hz.
I play Overwatch, CSGO, Quake, Battalion and things like these.
I even play PUBG but i don't pretend playing it at 144hz as i play it occasionally and it's not my main game. I can sacrifice the 144hz benefits for that game maybe lowering the refresh rate when i play it.

Do you think this could be a good idea?
I'm even posting a Config request in another section in order to clarify which of the options can be OK.

Another little question: If i could play at 144hz cap, i've seen a Philips monitor at a shop near me which is sold for 179€ and it is a 5ms 144hz IPS monitor.
Do you think it makes a big difference compared to a 1ms VA or TN?


I don't really foresee any problems. For most of those titles at 1080p the GTX1060 6GB should be enough. i7-4770 is older, but still a high end CPU. Keep in mind there has really only been ONE major generational improvement since Haswell. Broadwell was a die shrink of Haswell, then Skylake. All that have followed since are just optimized versions of that.

As for the response time between IPS and TN/VA. Well, that really depends on you. I would say if you are really serious about being competitive, stick with TN. Look into the ViewSonic XG2401, it at least has an adjustable stand.