Question Is my cpu bottlenecking my 2080 or is something else the problem?

Feb 21, 2019
I recently bought a MSI rtx 2080 8GB and been playing Apex Legends. My CPU is an i5 6600. I feel like im getting the same performance as i did before with my 1060. Ive used msi after burner to check the usage on my CPU and GPU and this it what the result is. When dropping down in game the GPU usage is around 90% and all 4 cores are at 100% but during the game all 4 cores stay at 100% meanwhile my GPU rarely goes above 70%. Is my cpu bottlenecking?

Thanks for your help!
could it also be because my monitor is connected to my GPU via HDMI? instead of display
port? or would that not affect performance?
That would not impact FPS or cpu/gpu usage. What you have is a cpu bottleneck which is more common nowadays with 4 core CPU’s matched with strong gpu’s. Quad core is now entry level for gaming and you have it paired with a high end gpu.