Question Is my cpu broke?

Nov 14, 2019
Hi there
I randomly started my pc but my screen was black my keyboard did not light up and i was unable to go in my bios i did everything i know to fix it and yes i tried 1 ram stick in every slot still not working now i haf new ram,gpu,mobo,psu and still not working

Srr for my trash english and late response time i do this on my phone and i dont get any notifications

Pc specs

Amd ryzen 1800x
Mobo asus x470 prime pro
Watercooling cooler master 240mm rgb
Gpu gigabyte rtx 2060
Psu corsair tx750m 750 watt
32 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200 MHz
M.2 xpc 512 gb
Monitor 1 msi optix mag241c 144 hz
Monitor 2 random iiyama

Update: i check my cpu for any broken pins but they look all fine
Im thinking of buying a 3600 and a aorus elite 570x then see ef it works
I can always send it back ef the cpu is not the problem
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