Jan 19, 2012
So my buddy got a new vid card, i had the last MB and proc. around b4 i had upgraded so we went to try it, once we conected everything....POOF! fire and smoke inside the video card!

So yeah, GFX was faulty, the PSU was an 800 watt corsair!

So he got a new motherboard since after getting a new video card IT STILL did not give any display...guess what, still no display even with new motherboard!!!

What could it be? Hes power supply is now a Corsair CX500, Nvidia 550ti and 8 gigs of Gskill RAM...

Could it be the processor? It had been unlocked to a quad core, but originally its a triple core, maybe that could be it?

If the vid card is new, so is the mobo, ram and PSU, it HAS to be the Processor right?

No bent pins.
Hi :)

Yes you probably blew the cpu..its not unusual when you blow a mobo for it to take out the cpu as well....

And to really cheer you up... I have seen cases in my computer shops like yours, where putting the old blown cpu into a NEW mobo , promptly blew that as well...

All the best Brett :)