[SOLVED] Is my CPU causing in-game freezing?


Jan 19, 2015
Hello everybody, so below are my specs.

GTX 970
i5-4690K CPU
ASUS H97-PLUS Motherboard
Corsair TX650 PSU

I had this build made in Jan, 2015.

So here is my issues. Alot of my games lately have been freezing up randomly (at least the more intensive games). Sometimes it would freeze for maybe 1-5 seconds with some recent titles like Resident Evil 2, Monster Hunter Would and Darksiders 3. My build is should be capable of running these games.

In terms of what settings I use, I run all my games at 1080p resolution and cap it at 60 fps with vsync due to using my HDTV as a monitor. If I don't use vsync then I will get screen tearing which is what I don't want. Regardless of what settings I use whether it is high settings or low settings, I still get freezes here and there which varies for 1-5 seconds and in some extreme cases, over 20 seconds (though not very often).

I ran a few tests, and it seems my temperatures are ok on both the gpu and cpu. My RAM seems fine as well. I did notice that with my cpu, alot of times the cores would go very high in usage close to 100% (is that normal)?

I'm not really sure what the problem is, but the one reason why I think it is my CPU is because for the past 2-3 years, I only had 1 case fan running and so often my computer would get hot. It even shut off on me a few times as well (maybe 2-3 times total). I installed new case fans a few weeks ago so it seems temperatures are fine but I don't know what they were before the installation.

I feel like over the past 2-3 years with only one case fan (being in the front of the tower) and one cpu fan running (default stock fan), it may have potentially caused some damage to my cpu overtime which may be way it's causing it to freeze alot lately when gaming. I could be wrong though. I did a stress test with my cpu at max performance and it was passing far as I could tell (did it for an hour). I also cleaned up any potential malware/viruses yesterday but the problem still persists.

In short, what do you think the problem is here? It could be I caused the cpu to get damage from the excessive heat over the last few years?

P.S. I rarely turn off my computer, so that is another thing that could further cause constant heat.
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