Is my CPU Dying?


Nov 30, 2014
Ok, So, I got a new SSD because my old one failed. My old HDD has windows 10 and my new one has windows 7.
I play CS:GO frequently
Before my HDD started to fail my FPS on the game was around 300-400 and never dipped below 300. My rig is pretty good. But now that I have windows 7 and my HDD failed, I can never maintain a solid FPS. Just now I played a game and I was getting 100-200 fps and I have a 144hz monitor so it isn't acceptable
The idle temp atm is around 50ish (sometimes goes to about 45)
When ever I open a new tab on Google Chrome my temps go up to like 60 for a split second. (I have a monitor on my motherboard and I can see the CPU Temp through my case window)
My Specs are:
i7 4790k (Stock clock)
Asus GTX 1070 OC Edition
MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard
Corsair H60 Water Cooler
16gb Ram corsair vengeance

Surely my rig is good enough for a solid 400 fps.

Edit: While gaming I get around 60c Temp