Question Is my cpu dying?

Aug 15, 2019
My games and even normal windows suddenly became a stuttering laggy mess. I recently got an external monitor and an external keyboard when this started happening (i believe it is just a coincidence). I did the following things to attempt to fix the stuttering. alienware15r2
-fully reloaded/repaired windows.
  • turned off EVERYTHING, from antivirus to geforce experience, to the point where nothing special was running besides steam.
  • i thought it could be the cpu not getting enough power due to external keyboard/monitor but even if i unplug everything from the laptop it still doesnt work properly.
  • i have my minimum power settings at 100% in battery control, unplugged the laptop and that still didnt work to check if the cord was the problem.
    - just to make it clear, this happens on my laptop monitor without the external monitor plugged in. so its not the monitor.
Despite this my cpu. which is a i7-6700hq doesnt work as it once did.

Here is one image showing the issue.
ill upload a vid if needed. its constant stutters making games unplayable. it is slightly better since the windows reset but still bad. I have hwinfo64 installed so if you need any of that info to help i can post it. Any tips? is my cpu dying?

Edit: before its asked, thermal throttling is not a problem. temps never go above 75 C and hasnt for years.
edit2: also used to undervolt the cpu by .150 V. Took off the undervolt with the windows reset so its still happening with stock voltage.
edit3: also have gotten like 3 different stop code bsods in the past 3 days. stop code was different each time, only one since the windows reset. Was dpc watchdog violation. That was over 12 hours ago and no more bsods
edit 4: also the cpu appears to be fine during a 10 minute stress test. fine as in it stays 100% the entire time with no throttling or crashing.
5: just need to stress that everything on my computer is laggy, from switching firefox tabs to opening anything.
edit6: one last thing of input that could possible get me a response. got a bios update through dell support assist. 1.8.0. i let it sit on install for 10 hours, didnt change screens or anything just stuck on installing in the support assist, i turned off my computer after the 10 hours. This was recently. I now also cannot install the 1.8.0 bios as it instant blue screens with driver verification failed.

pic from hwmoniter: View:

pic during valley benchmark:
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