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Question Is my cpu getting weak?

Jun 26, 2020
Im using my brother's pc who passed it on to me and it has a i5 750 while i replaced it with a 1050ti gpu, i gotten 150-210 fps when i first played csgo but day by day my fps kept getting lower till 60-80fps

Should i replace my cpu? If so my motherbord is a asus p7h55-m le and cant find any cpu compatible at the shops for it
Thats an old CPU and you wont find a new replacement at any store. You could probably find a used i7-860 for quite cheap though on eBay..

Now for the original question, you might simply be thermal throttling due to old thermal paste. I would start by monitoring your CPU as well as the GPU temps. To make it simple you can use MSI Afterburner, which is for graphics card overclocking but does have temperature monitoring features for both the CPU and GPU so just leave the overclocking features alone. Have the app open while you are gaming and after a few minutes see what the temps of your CPU and GPU spiked at, if either are in the 80s or 90s you have a thermal issue.


One other very likely possibility is that your need to reformat and do a fresh install of Windows. Typically speaking computers will start to lose performance due to file clutter after a few years and although some applications can help such as CCleaner (as long as you dont clean the registry which causes more problems) it is inevitable.

Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
A CPU does not degrade in FPS. Something else is up. It can be your video card or some new drivers or Winblows updates and what not.