Is my cpu/platform sufficient for 3d gaming?


Jun 6, 2005
I built an HTPC a few years ago buy using older parts from a laptop and a mini-itx board that supported Socket P laptop chips. I'm thinking of adding a GTX670 to be able to play guildwars 2 when it is released and am wondering if it is worth to do so on this platform or should I upgrade to an entry level ivy-bridge.

My specs below are:

Intel T9900 (dual core 3.06ghz)
Jetway JNC64-LF
4x2 gb ddr3 1066
Crucial M4 128
Corsair 550vx psu
Asus 24" LED LCD

Would there be a huge difference (percentage wise) between my current setup compared to say i5-3570?

Thanks ahead for the advice.



Something always bottlenecks, if it isn't the CPU, it will be the GPU so it is not really worth worrying about too much IMO, even more so considering that the OP is also considering a platform upgrade which would flip that table around.

If you spend $400 on a graphics card, you'd want it to perform like one. If you pair it with that cpu, it would perform like a $100 one.



Again, if you buy a GPU with the probable intention of upgrading the rest of your PC later, buying a more powerful GPU with the intention of reusing it with the platform upgrade is every bit just as valid a choice, you get to crank up the resolution and all the GPU-intensive eye candy in the meantime.