[SOLVED] Is my custom loop good enough for my new build with i9 9900k and 1080ti FTW3 ?


I'd like to know if my cooling solution which I have my current system will be good enough for the 9900 k and my 1080ti and possibly be upgrading to 3080ti or whatever it's called when it comes out? Yes I will be overclocking?

Proposed new build and will be keeping all other parts on my current sys listed below...


Current build...
CM HAF X case with 240mm side fan,200mm and 140mm front fans for intake. All rgb red.
This is a great positive pressure set up.

custom loop ...
480mm 60mm thick coolstream Xe Quad mounted external with kollance bracket in push pull ----8 fans....
All fans are ek vardar
360mm Black ice Nemisis GTS360 mounted internal in push with 3 fans exhausting out of the top of the case.
EK full block on 1080ti
Ek Supremacy CPU block
pump/reso is ek -D/ bay WITH D5 pump

All fans are ek vardar

EVO 840 750gb SSD
4790k CPU oc/d 4.7ghz
ROG SWIFT PG278Q 1440p 144hzt
EVGA FTW3 1080TI @2012MHZ,
Klipsh 2.1 Speakers,
G Skill 2400 DDR3 32GB,
Seagate 3TB HHD,
X 1250 Seasonic PSU,
Asus VII Formula mobo
Razor m/k
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