[SOLVED] Is my display working properly?


Aug 17, 2019
So i have a gaming laptop 15.6 inch screen 16GB DDR4 (dual 8GB) ram with a 1050Ti 4GB and a I7 7700HQ and a 500GB SSD
thats basically the same as this guy
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9loIoxRBkk8
except he has a M2 SSD which is alot better but other than that same
he was recording and on top of that played rainbow six siege on ultra with no screen tearing (i even looked at each frame when he turned fast and didnt see any) yet when i play with the almost identical specs i get screen tearing nonstop and i wasnt recording and even turned off chrome so it would run better
does this mean my display is broken or not made for gaming or is this like a issue that needs to be fixed?

Also i did try all kinds of vsync (1 frame, 2 frame,3 frame,rivatuner max fps set to 60 fps, adaptive, vsync only turned on in nvidia control panel, vsync in game and rivatuner at the same time)
and none worked it just made my fps lower

I did install all drivers (drivers from dell made for my laptop model)

also if this helps i get huge fps drops and i mean from like 110 fps to 40 at random in rainbow six siege
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