[SOLVED] Is my EVGA RTX 2070 XC BLACK 8gb Hot Spot temp normal?


Nov 4, 2013
Greetings kind tech experts.
After 8 years I am finally playing a modded Skyrim WITH(!) ENB on stable 50fps and more indoors (like over 100fps in small dungeons ect.)....BUT, recently the GPU started to get loud - that is the fans run on higher RPMs. When I noticed that I checked HWMonitor and the max temp of the GPU was 79C while the max hot spot was 104c. I set the fans to aggressive in Precision X1 so now the max GPU temp is 73C while the hot spot is 98C.
I did notify EVGA support of this and mentioned that maybe it needed to reapply termal paste and asked for a RMA, but they said that the temps are normal that the "Hot Spot" is the, well, hotest single spot on the GPU, and that reapplying the termal paste wont void my warranty. BUT, I kinda dont thrust them, I regard them as a <Mod Edit> insurance company who wont pay out promised money, I worry If I reapply the termal paste on my own, later down the road when something else breaks, theyll blame it on me and for voiding the warranty when opening up the GPU.
Granted, the GPU is a good 3 years old (but I paid extra for 5 year warranty), BUT :)s), I mostly played CPU heavy grand strategy games on it, like Crusader Kings 2 and 3, Europa Universalis 4, Stellaris, most new Total War games, Civ 6. Games like Read Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Asssassins Creed Origins and Oddyssey only have collectively around 500 hours put into it...so most of the time it was not under much stress, well, I dunno, not an expert here. I guess its normal that after 3 years of relatively silent running its now getting hotter and louder?

TLDR; Is max gpu temp 73C and hot spot temp 98C normal under load (ENB modded Skyrim). And does reapplying termal paste void my warranty?

Thanks for help in advance guys and gals :)
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It is ok to change out the thermal paste and pads on an Evga gpu. However..if you break something while doing this you will not be covered. Maybe use a can of air and give the card/fans/radiator a good cleaning first to see if it cools things down a bit. Hot spot is within norms, aside from fan noise.