Question Is my extender up to the job?

Aug 9, 2019
modem - Motorola SurfBoard SB6141
router - TPLink AC1750
extender - TPLink AC750

I live in a 1600 sq/ft log home. Connectivity is good inside the house but weak on the back porch. The router is located in cabinet in a bedroom/office at the front of the house. A couple of years ago I added the TPLink AC750 extender, plugged into an outlet in the kitchen, about 6 ft. from the back door leading to the back porch. That pretty well sufficed to give our Androids reasonably reliable access, though we still get an occasional, short-lived drop. A couple of weeks ago I added a Ring security camera to the back porch and it is reporting a weak wifi signal – RSSI -59.

My question is, would a better, more powerful extender, replacing the AC750 be expected to solve the problem? The extender and the camera are probably about 10 to 12 feet apart (straight line) but separated by a 6-inch log wall. If a different extender is indicated, any suggestions on make and model?

It takes almost nothing to block wifi signals. When you consider your microwave oven work on 2.4g like wifi and puts out 1000 times the power. The coating on the front glass blocks almost all the signal and you can still see though the glass.

Best is always ethernet but you could also try powerline networks since the electrical cables already run through those walls. Option 1 is to buy something like av2-600/1200 powerline units and then use your current extender as a AP. Option 2 is to buy similar model powerline but get ones were the remote end has wifi AP built in.