[SOLVED] Is my fan placement optimal for the build?

Nov 14, 2020
Hello users!

My PC is enclosed in Deepcool Matrexx 50 Black, it has one preinstalled 120mm cooler on the back (exhaust). In addition to that I've purchased 3 Arctic P14 PMW coolers, and I'm thinking of putting 2 of them at the front (intake) since there are quite small nooks for the air and I think that they'll require more power, and one at the top of the case (exhaust).

Without those 3 additional coolers, my 1 120mm is not handling the heat, I think, since GPU becomes quite hot overall and the air coming from the back cooler is quite warm to the touch.

So the question is, will this setup work for this specific case overall, or maybe you have some suggestions? 120mm and 140mm for exhaust is enough with 2x140mm for intake?

Thank you!