Question Is my friend's GPU messed up or is it something else?

Jan 12, 2023
So my friend bought this PC:

and he seems to be having issues with the GPU. Stuff like random graphical glitches and slowing down the PC. Also the GPU kept crashing his pc over and over again after a few minutes of playing games and we have troubleshooted a lot of things like tinkering with MSI Afterburner and downloading the right AMD Software, resetting the PC to factory settings and downloading the correct software again and it's still glitching out and crashing the PC. I was wondering if it's something in the Bios that we could fix or if it's something more serious like getting a new GPU but idk I've tried so many options. The PC is in great condition and doesn't have any signs of it being cracked or anything like that so it seems to be a software error somewhere probably.

Some pics of the GPU and a problem with a game: View:
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I'd want a refund. For one, the listing says new and this certainly isn't new; the GPU is old, but the CPU came out 11 years ago. And it's not even the K one! The PSU is also hot garbage that should never have been used with a GPU one cares about. Your friend overpaid by a minimum of about $200 for the specs if the GPU worked properly. I'd bet good money that it has a gray/black market Windows key too, that may be blacklisted at any time.

I'd file a dispute immediately. By calling the PC a new one, the seller made a false material representation of what was being sold. There's no "as-is" language -- and that wasn't even provided -- that allows someone to lie about what they're selling on eBay.