Question Is my gaming computer working correctly?


Jul 15, 2016
I built it about 2-3 years ago. Specs are
i7 8086k stock speeds but delidded with thermaltake conductanaut
gigabyte 1080 water cooled but stock speeds
full motherboard water block
32gb corsair vengeance rgb ram
1tb Sandisk ssd
corsair sfx 600 watt psi

It had always worked ok but I’m not convinced it is at its best. It gets lag on some games on high settings and recently I built a gaming pc for a friend with an i5 9600k and low end gigabyte rtx 2060 and 16gb of ram with 1tb ssd. I immediately noticed it was so much quicker and gets no lag at all on the same game and loads everything better. It also gets way better benchmark scores.

essentially I am asking if there is something wrong with mine as I expected to get years more of lag free gaming out of it as it was top end when it was built. And also I understand the one I just built is newer components and in theory faster than the previous gen but they so much faster and yet are lower end in the generation eg i5 not i7 and 2060 instead of 1080.

the game I am trying to play isn’t that graphic intensive and I am using a single monitor that isnt 4k. Temps are fine.
is there a component going wrong? Is the PSU too small as I always wondered but it has to be sfx sized? Or is it normal and just ageing quicker than I thought.