[SOLVED] is my GPU broken?

Mar 21, 2020
so I am building a new pc and the last thing on the list is a GPU, I ripped an old one from an old crappy hp that I rarely use just to get the new computer ready with windows and other stuff, this old GPU is only temporary until I get something better. I plugged it into my new gaming pc and I had no video signal. I thought this was odd and plugged it back into the old computer to test it and the same issue. (note that it worked just days before) so did I mess up the card somehow and the card just does not work, or is something up with both computers??? HELP

system specs are
asus b450-f
amd 3600x
corsair vengeance rgb pro 16 gb(8x2)
EVGA- 600w atx 12v/eps 12v 80 plus

and the old TEMPORARY gpu was a
quadro NVS290