Question Is my GPU causing black screen?

Feb 20, 2021
Hey guys,

Recently I booted up a game which caused my PC to freeze. I had to hard reboot it.
Then, all of a sudden, my PC started to freeze just before the Windows login-screen (swirling dots), then going to black screen. I can't do anything except reboot.

I tried re-installing Windows, pulling out my SSD and re-installing on my HDD, then the other way around, then switching GPU slot, cleaning etc.

When I re-install Windows, I can get maybe 5-10 minutes, then it freezes.

I tried remove my GPU and use the on-board GPU and this solved the issue.

Is my GPU done or can I salvage it somehow?

Sorry if I'm asking a stupid/obvious question or leave out important information; I'm not that tech savy.

Windows 10
Intel I7-2600 3.4ghz

Hope you can help! Cheers!
If its not under warranty lookup baking a gpu.
Suggesting baking the GPU is not a good advice.
First off, you don't know if the GPU is the issue. You haven't asked OP for additional information to help identify what is the problem.
Secondly, your suggestion may destroy the GPU instead of fixing it. Also when baking works, is only temporarily.
Thirdly you need an old unused oven to do it since the chemicals from the GPU will contaminate it and therefore any food that will be baked afterwards. In the case that the oven will continue to be used for baking, it needs a very good and thorough cleaning.

Please refrain giving such advices without eliminating other options.