Is my gpu dead

Ivan Pavlovic

Jan 22, 2015
So one night my screen started flickering so i turnd my pc off and then next morning pc booted up then i played youtube video and walked away from pc for a second then when i got back there were some weird lines over youtube video so i moved cursor and then whole monitor picture started melting so i turned it off then booted it up and when windows 8 loads only black screen and if i wait for some time wierd all f-up colors shows up


Jun 20, 2012
Does your motherboard have an onboard graphics port? Try hooking your monitor into that and see what happens (requires you to remove the GPU from the board first). If things work just fine, then give it another whirl with the GPU back in its' slot and see what happens. If it's acting up then it IS a GPU issue for sure. Otherwise, it might be the gpu as a personal guess, but some more google-fu might be more specific.