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Question Is my GPU dead ?


Nov 3, 2017

I have here "Giggabyte RTX 2080 gaming OC", I brought this GPU with waterblock attached from ebay like 3months ago but never put it on untill last week, no return option.

*At first I dont know if it working or not because I dont have original heat sink, only waterblock atteched

• Gpu not display
So I took waterblock out and turn it on, yes the chip is getting hot.

• I swap psu and mobo, still no display

• i plug in GTX 1080ti for display and install spare RTX2080ti shroud on RTX2080 without any heatsink fans connected (good enough to turn on rtx 2080)

• when I get to screen I did update all drivers and bios still no rtx 2080 show up on device manager.

• yes i did swap different pci slot and mobo, still no luck.
See here: https://ibb.co/KsJJdHY

I also notice the power led light at the top of my gpu is turn on then off after starting pc, this indicate there is no power issue am I right?
See video here
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrDUdRWf1d8

Is there anything else I should try or do?