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Jun 14, 2020
Hello guys Im new here and I hope I can get some help here thanks for your attention!

My pc specs >

gigabyte ga 78lmtusb 3 rev 6.0
2x4 RAM
fx 4300
PSU Corsair 500w
GPU r7 360,

Yesterday I have a brilliant idea to open my gpu and clean because GPU-Z said the pci express was running only at pcie x1 1.1 ( the gpu supports x16 3.0 and the mobo support x16 2.0). Then I opened and cleaned all the dirty inside also switch the thermal paste.. I turned on and good news, GPU-Z is now telling me that the pciexpress is running now in pcie x16 2.0,awesome ! I played csgo for some minutes and after I started to play Valorant (which is a good game) I was playing valorant with discord open at match 10-9 then!! my screen went all black and my computer was already shut down,after that, I pressed the power button and nothing happened.

Next step I have remove each item in motherboard and tried to see what was not letting the computer to start, I remove almost everything and only let CPU and GPU installed in mobo, after I have disconnected my gpu from pcie the fan started to spin.. so I kinda figured it out that the problem is my gpu or the pciexpress slot..?

So this is what I did, I connect everything again and something happened when I presset the start, the cpu fan start spin for just 1 sec and stop.. is my gpu dead? the computer is running fine without the gpu and I am now typing in this computer without the gpu, I have another computer (which dont have any gpu installed) and I plugged on it and the computer wont even boot up or spin the cpu.. so the thing is, is my gpu really dead?

Also I want to know if my gpu died, my pcie just have died too? I dont have other gpu to test it and this mobo only has one x16 pciexpress 2.0.
obs: I bought rx 470 and fx 8300 in aliexpress, so I am kinda worried to know if my pciexpress is dead too or just the gpu :(

if you have read till here you can notice that I am not an english speaker :(, so sorry for my english, any helps or suggest is welcome, thanks!