Question Is my GPU dead?


Aug 31, 2014

So I was playing Rocket League with a friend and my PC shut off mid-game. I tried powering it on and nothing happened. I switched the outlet it was plugged into from an extension cable directly into the wall instead. It then powered on for a few seconds then shut off and there was a puff of smoke rising from the back of the PC.

I was hoping it was just the PSU but the GPU had a funny smell to it so I'm worried it's that. I tried a new PSU today and it powers on for a couple seconds then powers off with all the MOBO debug lights flashing on then off.

If I remove the GPU, the PC powers on and the CPU debug light is lit for about 5 seconds. Then it goes off and the VGA light stays permanently lit until I turn it off.

Does this mean the GPU is dead and I have to buy a new one? Also is it safe for me to assume the new one won't get broken by putting it in this machine?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Gigabyte 2060 Super
RAM: 2x 8GB 3200mhz Ballistix
MOBO: B450M Mortar Max
Old PSU: EVGA 650w GQ (80 PLUS GOLD)
New PSU: JUSTOP PSU700SIL (700w)