Feb 10, 2020
I'm unsure whether my monitor or my graphics card is causing this issue, since the problem arose ever since I had to replace my monitor. But certain games, particularly the sims 2 and the launch menu for other games (FFXIV, Minecraft) have this weird graphical glitch that I can't describe and can't find anywhere. I would have ignored it since it only happened in launch menus, but the sims 2 is completely unplayable as the glitch happens so long as I'm not physically moving the PoV, plus it looks MUCH worse than the imgur ones. Like really thick, popcorn looking. Is this my graphics card or another issue?

I want to reiterate that this only happens within games these games and I havent noticed it in any other aspect.

I have tried replacing the hdmi cable of my monitor to no avail, and I dont have another monitor to test with.

I made a pastebin to my Dxdiag just in case but here are the example images of Minecraft and FFXIV. I don't have one of the sims at the moment.