Question Is my GPU failing ?

Apr 3, 2020
Hey guys.
Like 2 months ago i was having problems with my PC. Basicly it was crashing, sometime with bsod, sometime not. If it wasnt bsod, the screen stuck at black / blue screen and sound was buzzing ( like this
, but into my headphones, and i wasnt playing fortnite tho :D ). I somehow managed to fix it, by doing clean install if windows 10, and plugging and unpluggin everything. Back then i tried memtest ( in its own boot thing or w/e it is ) and i got plenty of errors. I moved my RAM sticks and it was alright. Since then, everything was fine.
Few days back i decided to change my blower on GPU, for a custom cooling - Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV. Me any my friend changed it. I tried it and everything was alright. Temperatures dropped by like 26 degrees or something. Card works fine, core clock is around 1900 MHz on full bench, all 8 GBs of VRAM is usable, memory clock is still. I didnt change anything else in the PC. Everything was fine for few days, and like 2 days back it happened again. The same thing that happened before. Basicly first time it was restart while i was AFK in witcher 3, which was running perfectly fine. I was like ok idk maybe something happened, and i normally booted and played again. Then it crashed again, this time there was blue screen with black stripe and sound was buzzing ( like in that video i mentioned ). I did a hard reset and everything was fine again. Then it happened again, this time screen was black and buzzing. It was totally random, once i was in a game playing, basicly using whole system capabilities, once i was browsing internet on opera and once it crashed right after i logged in windows. Its the same that happened to me before, as mentioned. I reseated all RAM sticks, and mixed them together. Then i got 3 BSOD in like 2 hours, errors were random - ATTEMPTED WRITE TO READONLY MEMORY, SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION and UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP. When this happened before those 2 months, it was the same, random bsod, or no bsod at all. When i tried to look into DMP files, it told me that they were corrupted or something ( WhoCrashed app ). Then it crashed few times again with no bsod, and last time before like 40 minutes while i was playing doom eternal for like two hours - i had some black parts on the screen, for like 1Hz, but i dont know if it was in game mechanic, or my GPU. Out of nowhere my PC did shut down. Then it tried to reboot, but it couldnt so it kept rebooting. I turned off PSU, back on and everything works fine. Right now im running witcher 3 on ultra in the background, so my gpu works the whole time im writing this.
In a nutshell, im lost, i dont know what to do anymore. I will list all the things i tried, and my specs of course. I dont really think its the GPU, beacuse it wouldnt work just fine right now. And there would be artifacts, fans would be noisy, it wouldnt run witcher 3 on ultra on 100 fps.
Last thing i noticed is that my headphones play on only one side, left side, after some crashes. When i go to sound settings and do the test thing when it does sound on both ears, i hear them both, and then it works perfectly fine. I have my headphones plugged in front jack, possible bad sound card in motherboard ??
One last thing is that last few weeks ive been getting problems with running cod warzone. Even with the blower still on, even after, the fps dropped from 100-120 to like 18-25, first time all i had to do was to change render resolution from 100 to 103, and then back. Now it doesnt work and im not sure where the problem is, everything else works perfectly fine.

My specs
4x4 DDR4 2400 HyperX Fury
ASUS TURBO GTX 1080 8G ( blower, but i removed that and im using Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV )
Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550W ( 2 months old )
3x SSD, 2x HDD, Ton of fans

I tried ( this time, not before 2 months )
Plugging everything in and out
Putting motherboard out, looking for damaged parts or whatever that looks wrong
Swapping RAM sticks, multiple times
Running with another GPU ( R9 380x OC Nitro ) - it was completely fine, altough i didnt play for more than hour
Running my GPU in another PC ( FX 8300, 8GB, and my GTX 1080, random motherboard from asus ) - completely fine, no artifacts, no noisy fans, overwatch for like hour and half no prob
Reinstalling all GPU drivers ( physx, audio, driver itself ) to newest version, on both systems
Running CHKDSK on all drives, crystaldisk info and some tests, everything is perfect, system ssd in 100% shape
Changed sata cables in different ports
Look into dmp files, theyre corrupted tho, atleast WhoCrashed says that

After few hours im going to sleep, but i will do memtest while im asleep. Can hit you up guys with that tomorrow. Any advice / tip / help is very appreciated. Thanks for reading this far :)
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