Question Is my GPU failing?

Jan 17, 2022
Hi all, I would like to ask for some help in pinpointing out which one is causing issues for my PC. I've been trying for days and no one has been able to help me. Here are my specs:

Basically I've been playing this video game called Genshin Impact for 2 years already without any issue but just 4 days ago, I started getting freezes on the game out of nowhere whereas the screen is frozen but the audio continues. I paid no attention to it and simply restart the game but as days went by, it started becoming a game crash with the logs saying d3d11.dll has caused an access violation and eventually seeing these weird graphical glitches on the home screen so I started searching for solutions to no avail. However, after playing other games that uses the Unity engine, I've observed that the problem also occurs in these games as well so I thought maybe Unity itself is the issue so I did a lot more searching.

I tried formatting my PC, reinstalling Genshin Impact, installing the DirectX that comes with it, updating my GPU, rollback my GPU, etc. but it yielded no results. I took a look at my SDDs found out they're okay too. I went ahead and ran that Heaven GPU Benchmark program and it gave a lot of glitchy flashes in my screen until my screen just turned pitch black with some glitchy squares and eventually the whole screen died with num lock frozen in keyboard even though I can still hear the audio playing.

Here is a video of Heaven's graphic glitches (artifacts?):

I also managed to crash some time in Heaven and got these errors:
  • Direct3D11 error: device hung
  • Direct3D11 error: out of memory
  • D3D11Texture::create2D(): can't create RG32F 800x450 2D texture
  • RenderManager::createTexture2D(): can't create texture
I asked for help from the techs of Genshin Impact's discord server and they said it's probably rendering issues based from the logs I got from the game. My PC also starts to massively lag after these crashes whenever I open anything like Task Manager even though there's a lot of free space left for the memory to actually lag which made me concerned as a whole since it's just not the games anymore. I even crashed once when I was reading YouTube comments, the PC froze and the screen went black with some weird glitch squares popping up and then it went back to normal afterwards.

Lastly, I found a certain reddit thread talking about underclocking their GPU and how it let them play Unity games. I would just like to mention I have no idea how to overclock or underclock so I haven't even touched those until today. So I followed whatever's posted in there and somehow the glitchy flashes in Genshin Impact slightly disappeared (there's still some and the sky sometimes die out) and I was able to play too. Same goes for the other Unity games. I have no idea why or how but I am not happy about it because I've been playing for 2 years and faced no issue so why now? Why the sudden need to underclock?

Do you guys think my GPU is failing? Or is it my PSU (Seasonic 500 Watts, 4 years old)? I'm not that savvy in terms of hardware and all that so I hope you guys might have some ideas regarding the issue. Thanks in advance.

PS: I also tried Heaven again while being underclocked. I was able to last 7-8 scenes but it eventually crashes and some graphical glitches still show up but it's way better than earlier where I was forced to restart since the screen literally died.
Jan 17, 2022
Thanks everybody for the reply. I had asked someone to take a look and asked for second opinion and he also is thinking it might be the GPU however we also think it's possible to be the PSU after reading what you guys said.

I would lean towards the PSU as it is 4 years old but no idea of the model ?? and its probably the cheapest fix.
Yeah I'd point to the PSU as well. Those things don't last forever, especially the cheap ones.

The PSU I'm using is called Seasonic ECO Plus +80 500W. It's been so long as mentioned so I'm thinking of replacing it too. By the way, someone here has a PSU of 700W (I forgot the name of the brand) but it came from a very low-end PC. We tried putting it in my motherboard (Tomahawk MAX) to test if it's GPU or PSU that's causing the problems and we couldn't. I heard something about it being "4 pin" while my PSU is "8 pin" when I asked someone about it. Would I be getting "8-pin" ones if I buy a new one? Which one do you guys recommend?

Which model Asus GTX 1060 6GB ?

Probably factory overclocked card. Probably has never been cleaned and is full of dust. Probably overheating.

I recently cleaned my whole PC and the dust weren't that many. I checked the temperatures of the GPU and they seem to be fine and a friend of a friend came suggested putting new thermal paste on the GPU but nothing changed after that. The model should be "ROG-STRIX-GTX1060-6G-GAMING" but the one on the site you linked had 3 fans whilst mine only had 2. Here is a photo of the box: View: