Question Is my GPU or PSU failing

Jul 15, 2020
Hi guys.

Please see image for reference

Current build
Mobo: B350 strix
CPU: Amd ryzen 7 1700
GPU: Amd Vega64 8gb Asus strix
RAM: 3000mhz ddr4 strix
Main storage samsung ego nvme. 3x other random hard drives I've collected over time.
PSU: masterwatt 750 bronze I believe.

I run my gpu generally over clocked and undervolted and have the fans ramped up because Vega is a hot card.

If you run at base tuning the gpu will get really hot and the fan won't make much effort to counter it.

1 night I was playing hardspace shipbreaker for a few hours without realizing I did not over clock my gpu. In tern did not increase fan RPM.

GPU was probably running hot at approx 70+ degrees for a while,

Suddenly pc crash with the attached image type of screen.

Now I'm trying to gauge whether my gpu or PSU is on its way out.

My logic

I can turn on the PC.
I can log into my PC.

***The following events do not cause crash.

Force tune GPU to lock on lowest power state, lower voltages. Reduce power consumption

- sometimes the system will manage,
I can play a game at a notably reduced fps

Occasionally when under load or even when having no load in this power state this same error will occur.

*** the following events will cause a system crash.

- When logging into PC,
Leave gpu tuning at base clocks and base everything,
8/10 if placing load on the GPU via a game or browser video such as Netflix will cause same crash.
2/10 the gpu will handle as if nothing is wrong and do what I want it to do.

- going into amd settings and choosing my gpu overclock profile which immediately results in highest power stage being held for base clock and vram clock. Clocks increased and voltage decreased. Power consumption increased. Fan increased.

8/10 as soon as I hit apply by the millisecond the same exact crash.
1. 5/10 holds for a moment until any form of load is placed on the gpu then crash.
0.5/10 normal functionality. Though after maybe 15 mins it'll crash.


The fact that the crashes occur when the gpu goes into higher power stages makes me believe it may be the PSU is struggling to provide current when needed causing gpu to crash

When this originally occured, I took the system apart, removed dust that I could and reseated gpu. That night no improvement.
Next day 100% improvement
I was running at full load without issue for maybe 2 week roughly.

Now it's occured again but is not really improving at all.

I was hoping to wait out for big Navi

PSU definitely would have experienced a decent amount of dust.

When crashed, the colourful blocky screen always occurs, about 2% of the time I might see behind it for a brief moment the blue sad face screen.

Sorry for poorly structured post, pc isn't working for me to write a better one.
Using phone.

I've already gone through all base troubleshooting
Excluding trying alternative parts to see if it occurs with a different gpu or psu

I'm fine to buy 1 component,
Which do you feel is likely the issue.

Any perspective or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Jul 15, 2020
You need to stress the card first as that has idle max temps
I'm incapable of stressing the card in its current state.
Any load that results in any actual stress generally crashes the pc.

I'll give it a try but I am not holding any high hopes.

Also if my fan profile is modified surely that'll effect potential results.
Is the idea to run at base tuning?
Jul 15, 2020
I bought it 9th July 2018
Apparently warranty is 2 years
The failure started occurring probably exactly on the 6th or 7th July 2020.


This comes back down to whether it's gpu or PSU related then
Jul 15, 2020

Why would it manage general usage where minimal load and OCCASIONAL ACTUAL LOAD

If overall the card has failed.

Just a curiosity question.

Now the real question.

What's worth upgrading too,

Amd and Nvidia are in process of releasing new cards by end of the year
Jul 15, 2020
Turns out it has 3 years warranty and is now handed in with local distributors
They said I'll likely get a refund being a 800 dollar card I'm pretty happy with that though will have to wait a determination
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