[SOLVED] Is my GPU preventing me from installing windows 10?

Mister Lemons

Mar 30, 2014
I just built a new system with my glorious tax return cash for a pretty penny. This is my second build, but it's my first with actual up-to-date hardware. That being said, it would turn out that Ryzen doesn't play well with Windows 7. Well crap.

Well my brother has an ISO of Windows 10 lying around, and windows 7 is losing all support updates in the next year, AND Win10 in the recent months has actually transformed into a viable OS, why not upgrade that too? Pulled the old power supply and graphics card out of the old tower and toss it in with the new hardware (only used components in the build). Spam delete to get into that sweet UEFI bios and reset to factory defaults since I played around so much to get the USB ports functional using Win7 and the optical drive.

Get to the install screen, aaaaand i'm missing a "media driver". Removed. Alright, download catalyst onto another drive, separate the GPU driver from the rest, try again... "Failed to install driver". What the actual hell. After spending HOURS of my day off trying to get BOTH OS's functional, I have the old tower assembled again for the time being and a real pretty motherboard, ram, fan, and wire display.

I'm attempting to run an MSI R9 380 2G during the installation of windows 10 and it's not working out. Is my GPU the limiting factor here? The release date of the card was a month before the release of Win10 and a singular driver exists in 64bit for it. I'm guessing that the video hardware is simply not compatible in a fresh installation of Win10.

Bits and pieces:
Asus X-470 Pro

Ryzen 5 1600 (and stock Spire cooler)
Gskill DDR4 4Gb (x2)
MSI R9 380 2GB
MP510 M.2 (first time using NVME m.2, anything possibly wrong here?)
Corsair CS650M

SIDE NOTE: I'm planning on getting a Sapphire RX580 Nitro, could this resolve the issue?
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Yep, Windows 7 isn't supported by Ryzen at all, and USB problems are the most common issues. I agree windows 10 is a great os if your used to it. It actually uses less resources compared to windows 7.
The latest iso should work without error. I doubt it is the GPU as the issue. That download creates a USB drive with the latest version of the Windows 10 installer. You can enter the product key once you have the USB drive in the system and are ready to install.