Jul 10, 2012
Hello, just yesterday I bought a new GPU (XFX Radeon HD 6770 Core Edition) and I decided to test the temps from a few games. As I am typing this, the temperature is 50.0*C. It's usually in the 40's because I just got done playing the original Crysis to test my temps on a hard to run game. While I was playing, the card reached 81*C!! Is this too hot?! I mean, it doesn't have the best fan in the world but holy crap! Not only that but under load it is extremely noisy! The second I closed Crysis, I set all categories to "max" and screen-capped the software (GPU-Z) http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/12/12/27/5nr.png . Is my card going to have a short life like this? it is relatively close to the PSU because it is the only functioning x16 PCIE lane that I have. The other one, closer to the mobo, is missing the latch that holds the card in place. If I boot up with the card in the damaged lane, the screen goes all screwy on me.

Is 81*C under 100% load too hot?