Question Is my GPU slowly dying and going away?


Sep 18, 2013

So basically i have an EVGA GTX 760 2GB SC video card that i've been using since 2013, And in the recent years i barely played any intensive games (Mostly LoL) and only safely overclocked it a few times about 2 months ago.

A few days ago during a game in League of Legends the textures were all messed up and then the PC froze and stopped responding, I restarted it and it was fine, I tested a random game and it froze again and this time i could barely boot up the PC, I was getting a black screen without any beeps.
I checked my PC and i believe that the GPU is the problem, i cleaned it with an air spray can but it didn't do anything useful, So i just unplugged the GPU cables and the Motherboard battery and it fixed the black screen problem the PC booted up.

But then even during Youtube browsing the display driver was crashing and the screen would turn to black again, I've tried replugging and restarting many times and the Windows 7 wouldn't let me into the desktop ,then it let me in with the lowest resolution i changed it to 1920x1080 (grey display driver triangle error)
I've tried reinstalling different Nvidia drivers, Restarting the display driver and now my PC is sluggish and the Windows 7 is in grey color cause the display driver isn't working and the Nvidia control panel can't be opened.

Is there any solution for this annoying problem or the GPU is just dying slowly?, I tried connecting the DVI screen connector to the motherboard in order to use the Intel CPU (3579k) graphics display but it shows and black screen and doesn't boot up, I Can't even install the Intel graphics driver because it fails to run.
How can i run the PC and display on the intel UHD? when Nvidia control panel isn't responding, I've tried with a VGA it didn't work aswell.

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