Question Is my graphics card broken


Feb 13, 2016
I have a radion r9 390 with an amd Athlon x4 860k.
Last night my pc crashed and attempted to reboot. On reboot it said it couldn’t find a valid boot device.
Tried windows repair, no joy. Ended up reinstalling windows 10.
It did this but is now extremely slow and unresponsive. If I try to execute files it says it can’t find an app to open them before opening them and getting stuck.
On boot up my motherboard start up screen is shown in a small window with the message “getting ready” below it.
This is not normal, the boot screen normally disappears completely after a few seconds.
If tried removing ram sticks on at a time, nothing changes, if I remove my Hdd the boot screen appears and then disappears to reveal 1/2 a black screen and a load of diagonal lines in the other half.
I’m wondering if this could be a sign that my graphics card has/is failing.
Can anyone assist?
Your initial issue seems a lot like a failing hard drive. Admittedly the last part sounds a lot like a (going bad) GPU.

The first thing I would try would be a fresh or known good drive, SSD would be great, and try and clean install again.
I would imagine, in the meantime, that the computer is clean, all the fans are running properly, cooling correctly, etc. ?