May 13, 2020
it's my first time posting here for help, (didn't get much help from forums in my country)
secondly I an sorry for my English (it's not my native languish)

my system worked fine till last month, I wanted to overclock my monitor from 60hz>>67hz
and overclock again my card, during the benchmark I have noticed some lag more like stuttering in the benchmark and on the desktop.

so I set the screen back to 60hz and underclock it to stock.
but the problem stayed till this day,

I think that I killed my GPU how can I be sure?
I have noticed when I restart my pc I have some artifacts in the second screen and then it passes away
moreover when the stuttering occurs (its sometimes go and sometimes back) my GPU usage is bouncing between 50%-100% every 2 sec
* I will add some pics to show the GPU usage problem*

the stuff I tried:
*clean my pc
*watch my temps (GPU no over 80c CPU never passes the 70c)
*completely reinstall the driver (and try some more settings)
*full virus scan

my computer stats:
2 monitors
i7 4790 @3.6ghz stock
16gb 1600mhz ram (2 x 4gb)+(8gb that I have stolen from the office)
gtx 970 windforce 3x oc
Mobo: h97m-d3h
the system is on SSD.