Is my hard drive dying?


Mar 12, 2012
I have a WD Caviar Black drive that's about 18 months old. Until a few months ago all was well, but then I started having occasional file errors, especially in one folder, and Windows 7's green loading bar would take forever. This morning, for whatever reason, the problem got much much worse so I investigated further. I have run the WD LifeGuard Diagnostics. The drive fails on the quick test. The extended test got stuck on one sector for 4 hours so I had no choice but to cancel.

HD Tune shows 483 unstable sectors (it actually increased by 1 from 482 during the few hours I had it open), and has an Ultra DMA CRC Error Count warning.

The HD Tune Error Scan picked up 5 errors (before freezing at 99%), which correlate to the one major spike down in the HD Tune benchmark.

The drive itself actually seems to be performing OK right now. so is there more I should do to try and repair it, or quickly get my files off and RMA?

Screenshots are below,

Thanks for the help