Is my Hard Drive really dead or the platter was even scratched?


Jul 10, 2016
My WD Scorpio laptop HDD is not spinning until I lift it and shake it a little, the files are fully accessible and while operating, the hard drive itself has some noise while doing something in it such as: copy, move, delete and explore.. One day I found my Hard Drive on the floor and that was my mom's fault and it means it was dropped.. Now it still spin and has head click noise that my PC won't detect it and suddenly stops spin.. I'm so afraid that the head might be in contact with the platter and making some scratches.. What do you think? I've watch several videos on YouTube that they were just opening it and using a screwdriver to fix it by rotating the platter as they were making the head parked.. I think the head of my HD weren't stuck.. Should I do that? Any advice? The video has 3M views and has a 1% of dislikes.. Help me! Thank you.. I was connecting it to my PC via Seagate's HD SATA adapter comes with my Seagate Ext HDD.. It works before... I have two of it and nothing of them works...

I am not sure if my grammar were correct.. English is not our primary language.


If the hard drive is now noisy and requiring manhandling to work, your best option by far is to properly back up your important files -- if you haven't been doing that already as you should be -- and replace the hard drive. Tinkering with the inside of a hard drive is a desperation move once everything else has been tried and you're far, far more likely to finish it off than repair it.
I'd certainly backup any files before trying any fix where you open up the drive. If you're thinking of going to that extreme, then the drive is either completely failed, or so bad that it may as well be failed.

Back-it up, and be ready to buy a new one should you completely kill the drive.

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Not sure if I understand completely but at this point you cannot access it at all? Or can you access it by shaking it?

If you can access the drive, back up all the data and buy a new drive, you are not fixing it.

If you cannot access the drive you are screwed unless you want to either pay a data recovery service, or attempt what you saw on youtube. thats your choice how brave you are and how important your data is, because if you screw up then its definitely done.

If somehow you do manage to fix it, back the data up immediately and replace the drive anyway. This is not a permanent fix.