[SOLVED] Is my HDD dead?


Sep 24, 2018
Hey everyone. So I already suspect that the HDD is basically dead, but I wanted to get some second opinions. I have this old PC that I used as an impromptu MC server, to test stuff. But when I tried to boot it, I got a BSOD with the code : UNMOUNTABLE BOOT DRIVE. I've tried using automatic repair. Nope. Tried creating a windows media installation with my spare flash drive, then trying to reinstall a fresh copy of windows or use "Repair my computer". Nope. Tried the chkdsk, bootrec, sfc, and another command that I can't seem to remember. Bootrec returns "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". Bootrec /rebuildbcd returns no windows installations. Chkdsk returns "CHKDSK is not available for RAW devices. I've also checked to make sure that the HDD connections and a few other hardware connections inside the case were all properly seated. Nothing changed. Also think I should add that before this, someone accidentally unplugged the PC without shutting it down, though there was nothing I had on it at the time, it was idling.
For reference these are some PC specs
PC brand/model: HP Pavillion a6700y
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 9150e QUad core
HDD: 500gb toshiba
RAM: 4gb DDR2

Let me know if you need any other info. And thanks a million
Kindest regards.

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