Is my hdd on my new laptop dying??

Oct 22, 2018
I bought an msi laptop (GV62 7rd) almost 3 months ago.
I had several problems in my laptop , like long boot time, slow response time , frequent hangs, and sometimes blue screen error ( kernel_data_inpage error) in windows 10.
I thought these problems might be because of slow 5400 rpm seagate hdd on which windows is installed.
So after 2 months i purchased an wd m.2 ssd and transferred the system/windows into that , while i was using my hdd for secondary data storage.
Yep i gained a lot of performance boost and my laptop got faster.
But, After i started loading my hdd again with big files and games like GTA 5 , i noticed some of the files getting corrupted. Noticed very High response time and even sometimes my laptop was unable to detect hdd.
I formatted the whole drive and again started loading the data into it. Now its working quite normal from 2-3 days but i highly doubt it.
So i performed a S.M.A.R.T test using CrystalDiscInfo and came towards 3 warnings- Reallocation sector count, current pending sector count , uncorrectable sector count.
How to fix these warnings?? Should i really worry about it and will my data remain secure?? I really don't have much knowledge about hdds , so i will be very thankful if someone explains me this and further steps to take. I never faced this problem in my previous pc/laptops.
Moreover the laptop is in warranty. Do msi provide warranty for disk errors. Should i opt for warranty??
I have attached S.M.A.R.T results from CrystalDiskInfo.
Moreover, I thank the community for allowing me to writing in the forum. Will appreciate any answers i get.
By the looks of it you should back up everything you have on that drive. You already got 3440 bad sectors that were reallocated. Not only that, but the Current pending sector count warning is telling you that your HDD has trouble remapping those bad sectors elsewhere on the drive.
That HDD can fail at anytime, because those numbers will only increase(bad sector count and pending sector count).
So what you're seeing as corrupted are the bad sectors failing to be remapped to another location on the drive.
Oct 22, 2018
I don't have nothing much important data to backup , main data is on my ssd...there are just few games that i will re-download later on. Btw how u came to know that i have 3440 bad sectors. Is it a large no. ?? How many total sectors do i have by default?? Could warranty replace the hdd??
I didn't dropped the laptop anywhere i remember
, and always used it carefully , this might be a problem from the beginning. And i also forgot to tell that my hdd is making strange scratching noise when i read/write a lot of files into it. Should i opt for warranty??
You can see the RAW value for the reallocated sector count in hex D70(3440 decimal). You can also see that 192 of them had failed to be remapped(C0).
Usually when a HDD fails after so few hours of usage that means that there were fabrication defects. If your laptop has warranty you can send it back to them.

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