Question Is my HDD/PSU faulty?


Jan 25, 2014
So guys i have 2 HDDs in my pc and DWD/RW
1 HDD (Seagate Baracuda ST500DM02) 500GB SATA 3i-s where OS is installed and some games/programs etc..I have bought this HDD used for decent price in 2017.
2 HDD (Seagate Baracuda ST3160815AS) 160GB SATA 1-im using this HDD for 11 years and did not have any problem with this hdd.I have some old pictures/videos/music stored on this hdd.This was my first hdd bought in 2007 and was used in 4 different builds.From 2013 this hdd is just sitting in my pc and i rarely store data on it.

The problem is when i turn on my pc sometimes i can hear clicking noises coming from the first HDD,where os is installed and it will boot but its very slow and eventually the clicking noise will stop.Sometimes i got black screen or im stick at BOOT logo and sent to bios.I usually fix this doing 3-4 shut downs/restart but that does not help any more.For days i could not use the pc and the clicking noise did not stop.
I have removed the old HDD 160gb and changed sata cables and sata power and than it booted without noise or any problem.If i plug the old hdd i get again clicking noise and no boot.
Strange thing is when i leave the old hdd in and remove the 1st one when os is i get strange noises and sometimes clicking sounds,like its not working properly from this one too.
Now i removed the DVD/RW and plugged the two hdds and its working fine.I have noticed that if i change SATA power cables and sata the problem seems to be gone.(But it will get back if i dont do the same)

I have scanned the both HDDS and they dont have any erors,dont overheat,no bad sectors only HD Tune is showing Number of interface communication errors: 115 (attention) on first HDD (ST500DM02).
I had also one WD 320GB that was quite old and suddenly died in this pc for no reason,it was working totally fine.

Can this be caused by a faulty PSU or HDD ?
Will my data be safe if i move it to new ssd from the old HDD ?
Should i buy new ssd and store my data there or buy a new psu ?

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz
RAM: 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz
MB: Asus H81M-K
Intel HD Graphics
2x HDDs
Windows 10 x64
Codegen 400w Model:300XA-using it for 7 years

I do not use this pc everyday.


Do not move data - copy it.

If something goes wrong during a move then the data may be permanently lost.

Copy the data and confirm that the destination/target drive is indeed readable and that the copied data is intact.

Remove that target drive from the computer and/or network just to ensure that nothing else happens to it.

I am leaning towards a PSU problem primarily because the existing PSU is old and low (400W) wattage.

Drives are old also and any problems therein may be further increased if the PSU is not as it should be.

Get the data copied and verified. Then replace the PSU with a newer model capable of providing more wattage.

Then, even if you do not use the pc everyday, do not trust it with respect to being the sole repository for data.

Do regular data backups to trusted locations and verify those backups.

Start planning for a new pc and/or storage to replace the existing pc.
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