Is my information correct?

So instead of putting this hugely long message basically I was talking with a supposed electrician, now knowing nothing about electrical at all I am most likely wrong on some points

I was hoping some of you could help me out and tell me what I need to brush up my knowledge on?

heres a link to the bf3 forums I was chatting with:

(the original issue was origin was scanning my HDD and taking up 30% of my cpu so I was lagging like a boss)

(don't need to bash the guy if he was wrong I just want to know where I went wrong)


Dec 13, 2011
Ok without reading the whole thing coz it's really long, I'll give my 2 cents...

One guy said that you had 14 chrome.exe processes, I think he is onto something. You might be running out of RAM. I suggest closing everything you don't need including chrome, utorrent and steam. See what happens.

Origin using up 30% cpu would also be an issue since BF3 multiplayer is very much CPU bound and that CPU isn't the best although still good.

What they are saying about mobo / RAM / is complete bogus! I agree that your CPU might be holding you back but everything else is fine :) Don't get me wrong, an upgrade to a new system would definitely help.

So let us know how you go and is Origin still at 30%?

Good luck
No, I solved that problem by isolating origin from scanning my system via Sandboxie (you can google this, its rather annoying.)

now it sits at a nice 0-5% usage max, and for chrome I simply had some text web pages open no videos or flash advertisements etc, it was mostly battle log and this website (all advertisements blocked by using adblock+)

mostly chrome only uses around 10% at max even with a few youtube videos open :/

Even right now with 23 pages open Chrome is using 2% (I counted lol)