Question Is my keyboard's fault or my motherboard's?

Jan 13, 2020
So I had some very strange things happening. First it was the mouse disconnecting. It wasn't so often enough maybe like once every 2-3 hours bit it kept disconnecting . First I tried a common fix, that is to enter in the Device Manager and disable all the checkboxes with "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" that I could. For me it didn't work. Now I bought a new mouse with Bluetooth adapter from Logitech and it works perfect so far no disconnecting from the mouse. Now I honestly think here that the mouse cable was also broken because I would get disconnections from moving the cable and it was pretty old but I'm positive that the disconnections happened in parallel.

Now right after I switch my mouse the keyboard started to act strange. It kept disconnecting and I kept switching ports but in no vain. I was already thinking that my motherboard starting to fail cause it is 5 or 6 years old. I don't remember exactly it's an Asus Z97-A. I switched the port with the mouse adapter and still the same problem so I was starting to think again that it's software because otherwise the mouse would act too. Now maybe my keyboard is broken as well(not so likely since it's not even that old) but it could be right? Well I don't think so. Because I reinstalled Windows on my computer and look at that... The keyboard works just fine. No problems... for at least 2 weeks. Now the problem is back again and it's even worse. Sometimes it gets disconnected like 5-6 times in a minute. Sometimes it calms down and just once in a while. But it's very random. Even now typing this I got a lot of disconnecting. I don't know what could be the problem. IMPORTANT: I did check the keyboard in BIOS and typed for 10 minuted and absolutely nothing happened. Everything was fine.

Update(added OS and Hardware Specs):

: Windows 10 64-bit
Version: 1909
Build: 18363.592

Intel Core i7-4790K
Asus Z97-A
Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3-1866 x4
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Look in Reliability History for any error codes or warnings that you can associate with the keyboard/mouse problems.

Has the computer been opened for cleaning and maintenance: e.g., blowing out dust and debris, reseating cards, cables, RAM, etc. to ensure that all are fully and firmly seated?

Overall, the PSU may be nearing EOL (End of Life). Often results in all sorts of odd and intermittent behavior/problems.
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