Question Is my laptop graphic card fixable?

Sep 28, 2019
Last week I accidentally dropped my laptop on the floor and caused quite a bit of damage.
The bottom cover of the laptop basically broke in half. Memory popped out. The screen is damaged.
At first, I could not even power up the laptop. And after taking it apart and re-seat everything, I was finally able to get into windows.
Everything seems to work fine (internet, watching youtube, hard drives...etc).
However, whenever I try to enter a game or run a 3D benchmark, it will always black screen and crash. Every single time. I tried to remove/reinstall graphic driver. Does not work either.
But watching 4k videos, it does not have any issue.
My friend told me the graphic card (GTX 1080) got degraded as a result of the drop.
Is this true?
Please help! Thanks in advance. I tried to search for similar topic on the internet, but no luck.