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[SOLVED] Is my laptop temps high?

Apr 26, 2020
hey guys.i recently bought a ASUS ROG G531GU with this specs:
Intel Core i7 9750H
16gb ram ddr4
256gb SSD + 1tb H.D.D
GTX 1660ti 6gb
when i play gmaes like metro exodus or rainbow six siege my laptop gets too high
i checked my GPU and CPU temps with CoreTemp and GPU Z and the result is:
gpu never goes above 83degree and cpu was sometimes for a second like 95-96 but usually and most of the times 80-90 range(core temps not cpu temps)
i use a simple stand(not coolpad) for my laptop and limited cpu usage from power option to 99% for disabling intel turbo boost.
i bought Deepcool U Pal coolpad and waiting for delivery idk it works or not.
pls help me what to do